The Midhurst Museum, possibly the smallest museum in the world, opened its doors in Knockhundred Market, Midhurst in December 2011 at the Christmas Street Party. At 8’ 6’’ by 8’ 6’’ space is limited so we decided to change the theme of the display in the Museum every month and this helps to keep our visitors interested in what is going on!

Wartime - November 2012

Local brothers Dave and Tim Rudwick have been collectors for many years, Tim starting with coins and Dave with stamps.  During the 1960s Dave started taking photos of buildings that were being pulled down or shops that were having a change of use.

Washing & Laundry - March/April 2012


Tim still continued to collect, but due to lack of space, had the sense to concentrate on Midhurst items and managed to get hold of large quantities of old documents relating to the Town and the Trades that flourished in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries

Royalty - June 2012

Checking the number of “collections” Dave had accumulated, it was realised that there were enough to furnish it for at least three years without a repeat.

Norman Midhurst - May 2013

Dave and Tim are still actively collecting and both have now embarked on cataloguing and recording the thousands of items in their possession.

Latest News:

Future Themes:


 June - Transport

July - Maps & Memories - Midhurst Common

August - Midhurst Remembered

September - Wool, etc

October - Jeff Allnutt's Horology

November - 100 Years of Dolls

December & January 2018 - Babycham

Opening Times:

Tuesdays to Saturdays

April to October

10.30am to

November to March

10.30am to

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